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This is when you had diarrhea earlier and then later you have the rumbles in your stomach. You go to the bathroom thinking you need to go, but you just fart.
Oh! Gotta go! *30 seconds later* Never mind, false diarrhea!
by funnyman21224 April 22, 2011
Another way of saying et cetera or etc..
Alright, we need shoes, hats, gloves, glasses and whatever the fuck else! Let's go!
by funnyman21224 March 27, 2011
Fucking incredible
dude that is fuckcredible
by funnyman21224 February 01, 2011
this verb means to dump someone's bookbag out clean.
guy 1 "Hey, Jim left! sack him."

guy 2 (so guy 2 dumps everything out of Jim's bag)
by funnyman21224 July 30, 2010
Half of the entries on Urban Dictionary.
*Looking up sex on Urban Dictionary*: Who is stupid enough to look up sex in the Urban Dictionary?

*Looking up Mormon in the Urban Dictionary*:95% of the people in Utah.

These are all sarcasm.
by funnyman21224 July 08, 2011
Wait, nutella.
Tell a nut to go fuck itself.
by funnyman21224 June 24, 2011
an impossible phrase to say,
guy 1: shut up people! stop talking

2: i'm not talking!

1: thats impossible!
by funnyman21224 November 30, 2010

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