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A true "Friends with Benefits" relationship is CASUAL sex relationship between poor females (or any needy female) and a financially generous sugar daddy (from the upperclass and middle class but especially upperclass).

Having sex with non financially generous males and poor males is NOT a benefit since poor males more typically GET benefits from government entities in the form of welfare.. not GIVE benefits.

"Friends with benefits" and "casual sex" are not the same thing. A girl with a special sugardaddy friend who pays her bills with whom she has sex with in return for his financial generosity .. is in a true contemporary modern example of a REAL friends with benefits relationship.
"wow, Lisa has a sugardaddy. He pays her bills for her and she gives him sex but she is 27 and he is 50. Are they lovers? They cant possibly be true lovers with that age gap"

"nope. They admit they aren't LOVERS per se. They are friends. They are in a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS RELATIONSHIP. The benefit is that she doesn't have to pay for cable television or net hookup. But if he was a poor guy ... it would just, instead, be a casual sex relationship with no real tangible benefits returned to her. She'd still have to work extra hours to get a better cable tv package"
by funny spoon fed baby November 17, 2011

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