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An utterly amazing girl who has this amazing power to make certain people smile like crazy. She's beautiful
One with unlimited beauty on the inside and out.
A girl that is kind and gorgeous and down to earth and has an amazing sense of humour. A girl who's louder than a bull horn! She's hotter than jalepenos! She's always smiling and laughing! She loves music and dirty jokes! She's caring and the friend who can make you laugh when your in utter despair! She's the girl you know is going places!She's full of love. She's understanding, funny, and is a great friend. She's been through a lot, so, she is also good at giving people advice.Not many of her kind exist. She's talented and very artistic. She loves music and she's always there for her friends. One of the most ticklish people in the world. She loves to smile and has an adorable laugh. She's irresistable and pretty much everyone loves her. She's a great kisser and very passionate. She's a flirt but when she's in a relationship she's always faithful. She's very loyal, caring, and will always make you laugh. You'll want to be with her 24/7. Never take advantage because u'll regret it at the end.
by funniness October 15, 2011

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