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21stgear is a web show found on youtube which reviews video games that are mainly retro. The reviews consist of swearing and anger towards the games.
by funky f November 19, 2010
A sweater bought at the Golden Mile shopping center from either Urban Planet or International Clothiers for a low price. The hoodies usually contain silk screened graphics covering the entire sweater that fade over time as well at a fake safety pin on the zipper. These hoodies are usually bought to replace many worn out or too small hoodies and can be found all around South Regina and occasionally other neighborhoods. They are usually very comfortable.

Chris:Jake's been wearing that same sweater all week.

Pete: Yeah I was with him when he bought it. It's a Golden Mile hoodie

Chris: Sweet! That reminds me I need one 5 of my hoodies are too small.
The kid on 21stgear Reviews often wears a Golden Mile hoodie during his reviews
by funky f January 24, 2011

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