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The act of pulling up to a driveway and sliding (usually on ice or snow)so that the car spins 180 degrees and lands perfectly in the intended spot. This usually occurs when dropping off a friend at the end of his or her driveway. Pulling this maneuver would then perfectly situate you so your friend can get out at his or her driveway and your car will already be turned around for a quick exit.
Guy 1: "Dude I saw the roads were icy so I went for the Warren Moon when I was dropping off my bitch and ended up stuck in a snowbank."

Guy 2: "You need some practice, its a tough maneuver."

Guy 1: "Yeah you're right,but at least I got a sweet BJ when we were waiting for the tow truck to pull us out."

Guy 2: "Nice."

by funkeman2003 January 01, 2009

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