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2 definitions by fullcity

Old school but intentionally bling timepiece. Specifically worn with clothing and accessories not generally associated with the lifestyle or target audience of watchmakers such as, but not limited to, the traditionally conservative company Rolex.
Nice work on the Brolex and the vintage Ramones concert T.

Here's a thought, ditch the Jacob & Co. for a sleeper Brolex.

She's a total smokeshow with the Brolex and those wicked Louboutin stilettos.
by fullcity June 22, 2007
The effect, physiological and/or psychological, that a celebrity can have on the body and/or mind of another human being. Usually, but not limited too, a purely sexual response.
While on vacation in Mexico we spotted Sienna Miller at a beach cafe, got a total stardon.

Damn Will Ferrell makes some sick stardon bank.
by fullcity June 22, 2007