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YMCA Camp Fuller. An awesome sleep away camp in Wakefield, RI that many who attend refer to as the shittt! This small campus is made up of four divisions: Division number 1;sherman. where all the little girls try to act cool and pretend theyre jungle girls and trying to get the attension of Junior boys. Most of these girls just take up space in camp. Division number 2: Junior, same goes to for Junior as sherman except boys and pretend theyre Senior Hill boys. 3rd division: Jungle. this devision is the older girls, the girls that have the opportunity to hook up with Senior boys behind cabins and such, these girls look down apon the sherman girls for they know who is superior. THese girls can do just about whatever they want if theyre hott enough. most of these girls are hot except for he occasional fat girl who belongs in sherman. And last but not least, Senior Hill, the older much more mature boys that rule the camp( or so they think). they think they are so much better than the rest of camp because theyre bigger and badder.Most of the pranks orriginate back on the senior hill, and sometimes they get the juvinile pranks from the wannabe sherm germ. Then there is the one and only cabin of ShUnGlE!!!! the one cabin who doesnt have a devision, is the cabin that everyone knows in camp. For example, the shungle cabin in session 2 2007 was so cool everyone knew who they were when they have never even met them. shungle(that year esspecially), is always the hottest, and always bring the guys running!!!THe camp is totlly awesome! everyone there knows who to hang out with. Ther are the hot jungle girls who hang out with the counsilers and get whatever they want, the hot senior boys who hang out with the hot jungle girls, and the rest are wannabes. Cant beat fullah. "to camp fuller by the sea, we will always faithful be"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wannabe 1:yo, those Camp Fuller Jungle girls just asked that counsiler for some 'koolaide'!
wannabe 2:And your point is???
by fullah babes October 24, 2007

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