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A person who listens to the music of I Set My Friends On Fire, or ISMFOF. In most cases, they are kind, amazing, and awesome people.
Person 1: Hey, Josh over there is headbanging in the middle of the street. What's up with that?

Person 2: Oh, he's an ISMFOFian. He's prone to random Hxc 2-Step dance fits, headbanging, and screaming out at strange times.

Person 1: I want to grow up to be just like Josh!

Josh: *dancing* HOT FLASHES, AND RASHES, I'M FEELING particulary pretenTIOUS!
by fueledbyloveandramen March 30, 2011
Causing general mayhem or just being a delinquent in public places. Some examples include going to Victoria's Secret and asking for panties, effin' up tables, blasting doompop on the radio, looking at black squirrels, drinking Swiss Valley 2% milk, commenting on how unfamiliar girls make you feel, doin' science experiments, and other similar activities. Side effects may include stares/screams/laughs from onlookers.
Dave: Oh hey Justin, what's up?
Justin: Oh h-h-hey man...
Dave: What are you gonna do today..
Justin: Oh..not much...just SOUL-TAKING.

Dave: Oh. Cool.
by fueledbyloveandramen June 11, 2011
The state of sudden excitement and euphoria a person is in when at a party, or when a party is possible. Party boners can make normally calm individuals unpredictable.
1. Person 1: Whoa, Dan is starting to strip in the corner.

Person 2: Yeah man, Dan has a massive party boner.

2. Person 1: Everbody's going to the party at Dave's house!

Person 2: Party at Dave's house?! I SO just popped a party boner.
by fueledbyloveandramen April 20, 2011

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