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2.)see John Kerry
1.) Dat bitch Sue done fucked up ma weekend, she's gots da front door trots. Meh!
2.) Looks like the Dems are going to lose again this year, Muffy. They are nominating that front door trots fellow Kerry. Do we have any merlot left?
by fucwad March 17, 2004
the act of using a dwarf or a midget to get the last drop of cum off your penis.
I say, Jamison. Let's stop the Bentley here, and please fetch me a squeegie kid. I do believe Muffy has finished and there's a bit hanging.
by fucwad March 17, 2004
1.) sweet sweaty Philippina nipples
2.) small wads of toilet paper stuck to one's ass
3.) badd azz dope
1.) "Ima want to suck those dank buds a yours again, Conchita."
2.) "Feh. Ima lost ma bone when I saw Sue's dank buds."
3.) "Homes, gimme summa dat dank buds a yours for I shit on your haid."
by fucwad March 27, 2004
1.) See John Kerry
2.) The act of providing yo ho wiff her first ass boning.
1.) Well, Buffy, I see that Asscrunchie Kerry is waffling on his so called platform again. Anymore pate left?
2.) Ima give Shaneequa an asscrunchie Saddy nite. I hopes her crack stank has improved and shit before then, Homes!
by fucwad March 18, 2004
The tendency your Dad's brother has for drilling out the bottom of his popcorn box and putting his penis there.
Uncle Jeb pulled a sneaky uncle during Schindler's List for Aunt Sarah. Afterwards, they fucked in row JJ.
by fucwad March 28, 2004
indifference. normally caused by exhaustion, disgust, depression or a recent bout with excessive masturbation.
Lois: Bill, whaddya say I put the strap-on up your ass for old times sake?
Bill: meh.
by fucwad January 03, 2004
A more polite way to say "I disagree with you or I may have another plan that may be different than yours."
My homeys gonna rob the liquor stoh again tonite. I say fuck that shit, I got home work! It's a goddamn school night!
by fucwad March 14, 2004
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