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One of the worse msn phrases to use.
meening: What you up too?
young 10 yr olds use it seeming that there cool
but there just to lazy and thick to type the phrase
It tends to piss people off alot
So i suggest you dont use it
Laura: hello
Sam: hay
Laura: wuu2?
Sam: nothing much you?
by fuckthescene September 16, 2006
hay: Hello
nm: Nothing Much
u : You
uk: Are you OK?
bby: Baby
tins: Things
ne: Any
dat: That
ppl: People
tnks: Thanks
gd: Good
sam: hay
jon: hay uk
sam: yeah tnks u

those are so gay msn words
by fuckthescene September 16, 2006
Wemo is a young wanabee emo.
They tend to go to shitty gigs with all their wemo friends.
They enjoy headbanging out of beat, pretending their drunk just so they can fuck about and not get the blame, and have really cheap crap hairstyles that their mum has done and/or clothes that there mum has bought them and died them black.
Miss Murder: LMAO Look at those wemos!
Dave Death: OMFGZZ look how small they are!
by fuckthescene September 16, 2006

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