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A rapper claimed to be shot 9 times. But if you took enough time to do research, he was acutally only shot 3 TIMES. Hes a lying pussy, he takes his beats from Dr. Dre(I have respect for Dre), the only reason he can make songs is because he beefs, and could possibly have the worst voice ever. He snitched on rappers, such as Supreme, putting him behind bars for life. 50 Cent is nothing more than a snitch and a fake ass. Better known as 5-0 Cent as he loves the po-po's so much. Game, Wu-Tang, Fat Joe, Jadakiss and his D-Block crew killed 50 when he tried to beef with him. He signed Mobb Deep and M.O.P. to give himself a more "gangsta" look, Mobb and M.O.P. are still good, way too good for Gay-Unit. Usually K-Mart thugs and rich black kids that claim their from the hood are in to 50 Cent.
50 Cent: "ahy mahn youuh cant unduhstand mehh but its aight..."

50 Cent: "Ay Tony Yayo go get Young Buck and Lloyd Banks, and that tranny Oliva too, we gon have a fivesome."

Rich Black Kid: "yo im from the hood 50 is gangsta yo, hold up i gotta quit acting gangsta and do this vocab quiz."
by fucksnitches June 18, 2006

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