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A dirty towel holder is the slang for bumhole,anus,bullethole,chocolate star,ring,poo pipe,gary glitter
Me dirty towel holder has grapes coming out of it!!
by fuckshu January 12, 2011
the art of pounding vag.
laying pipe.
A porn ster is a penile injector
"john terry is a penile injector"

"Ron Jeremy is a penile injector"

"every bloke is a penile injector that has sex"
by fuckshu January 12, 2011
The art of licking a penis(a cocksucker)
It's my birthday tomorrow,hopefully i get some cockalicky bird
by fuckshu January 12, 2011
A person who is a poofter.Someone who woofs woollies. A queer
george michael,prince,elton john,the small one from take that and the fat one from westlife are all a woolywoofter(gay) in their own league
by fuckshu January 12, 2011
Someone that tears the hoop out of a dirty skank then leaves her gaping.Smashing the can out of your mates sister
My mate never smashed a can.He's not worthy to be a cansmasher anyway cos he's a virgin!
by fuckshu January 12, 2011

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