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1 definition by fuckrutherford

Known as the borough of trees. I rather call it the borough of weed. Uses the term called, smake, meaning to smoke weed. Every weekend, there will be kids on Park Ave. either high or drunk. Everywhere you go, smell of weed will get you buzzed. A lot of kids look old as hell and gets cigarretes otherwise known as boges from most of the stores in Rutherford. Tar sluts everywhere. We call this town, the tar-town. Barely any girls here are semi or pretty. Kids go to the back of Dunkin Donuts or to the parking lot right behind the dunkin donuts to smoke weed. Police here are assholes... Alot of fucked up kids here. Little kids from middleschool such as 6th or 7th grades starting to smoke cigarretes and some may even smoke pot.
Person 1: Hey! Wanna go smoke some weed?
Person 2: Sure! but how are we going to get weed?
Person 1: Dude.. we're in Rutherford....
by fuckrutherford April 13, 2011
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