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A high school in baltimore. you imagine the students go hard, right? well this school is all stuck up preps. the ones who arent stuck up are pot heads who are miserable walking the halls there. girls are ugly, but at the same time they're all sluts or no-life nerds who's mom probably works in there as a teacher or librarian. if you go to a party and a girl is left out fake-texting on her phone ,she probably goes to eastern tech. then shes lucky to even be at a party. GIRLS: theres a total of 6 hot freshmen, 4 hot sophomores, 7 hot juniors, and 3 hot seniors there for the 2009-10 year. GUYS: 8, 12, 16, &5. if you're one of the hot ones your either a pot head, an alcoholic, a slut, or really fucking outgoing to the point where you're a little cooky or weird. theres ,2 cool teachers.&guess what? I REALLLLLLLY wish I didn't go there :]
1. Dude I totally met this girl who goes to eastern tech. She's fucking sexy, but she's really weird and a complete pot head/alcoholic. But, she fucked me so I don't care about all that.

2. I went to a party and some weirdo was sitting at the house computer IMing SmarterChild on aim...AND CRACKING UP AT IT!

3. Where's all the sexy people? I don't see them! Let me transferr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fuckingsophomore January 22, 2010

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