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the dimples above a girls crack, one to either side. So called this because when ejaculating onto a girls back, this is where the semen collects.
(girl leans over)
Guy 1: Dude, check out her cumbuckets!
Guy 2: Damn, no wonder she shows them off so much
Guy 1: They certainly do compliment that tramp stamp.
by fuckanuggit August 18, 2011
When a group of men take a woman who is willing to perform a traditional bukkake, and bury her (preferably against her will) up to the neck at a local sandy beach. they then perform the bukkake with interested onlookers and random passerby's and small children, if available. The girl is valued by how many random men she can interest enough to join on impulse, just by the look on her face, seeing as her mouth will be completely full with the life bringing substance.
Friend 1: Dude, did you see that bukkake burial at Paradise beach today?
Friend 2: Yeah, I saw it. I hope you didn't join in.
Friend 1: Yeah, I did. Why?
Friend 2: That was my cousin, and she had told me earlier that she was hoping to be part of a burial.
Friend 1: And to think I wasted all that goodness on her...
by fuckanuggit August 18, 2011

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