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When you roll a nigger in paper, and light his disco ball, afro hairstyle on fire.
He will smoke and glow like a cigarette.

Inhalation of the gasses is highly poisonous!
I heard in some african villages they burn niggers because they don't have cigarettes nor weed.

Yes, the nigs become nigarettes!
Highly toxic, don't try this at home!

Ain't nothin' like a burnin' nigg'rette!
by fuckaface! June 12, 2011
Fags stink

Unlike normal people, fags stink.
they drunk too much lead in water, and all those metals went to their head, making them fagots (read BBC report on tests done to mice, metals in brain makes one a fag).

Now all they can do is stink, and call human rights activists!
Since raping fags will not really do much, it must be better to torture them, cut off their balls and penis, make them eat it, and bury them alive!

by fuckaface! June 12, 2011

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