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One who finds pleasure in getting abnormally high then beating their meat/ plungin' their dungeon (beating off or fingering themselves) sideaffects may incude: Seeing rainbows appear out of your genitals, imagining tom cruise is responsible for whats going on, having crazy orgasms, of fainting
Thomas was known as the schools biggest rastabater after he was found in the kitchen with a bong and his hand down his pants
by fuck_buddy05 November 19, 2009
the act of banging a virgin so hard that her vagina seems to tear/rip and you are forced to tuck in your genitals and run from the scene
Jenny wasn't a virgin anymore, Todd gave her the old rip tuck maneuver
by fuck_buddy05 November 19, 2009
a whore house in which the kinkiest of kinky things take place, you can use your imagination on that one...
"Man Kristy is a wild woman! She belongs in a Floridian fuck house!"
by fuck_buddy05 November 19, 2009
a typical result of overwhelming teenage angst, built up anger towards "the man", or some type of abuse. Emo kids can be classified by a random grouping of hairs (usually black or bleached blonde) over one eye, lots of random chains on their clothes, and very tight jeans. They usually cut themselves and look depressed, but don't feel bad, they're really just angry and bi-curious.
Tom- "Look at the emo kid over there in the corner!"
Robby- "Yeah he's such a douche bag!"
Tom- "No kidding! I bet he's bi-curious!"
by fuck_buddy05 November 19, 2009
a fuzzy tickler is a hairy penis, especially the kind that grows pubes all the way up the shaft.
Last night I banged you r mother with my fuzzy tickler
by fuck_buddy05 November 18, 2009
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