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Straight up fags.
Bob: Hey guys wheres the party?

Jack: Fuck da partys ful! We will just straight toke it up at my pad!

Bob: No bitches?

Jack: Na ful we had one over a few minutes ago but she left.

Bob: What Happened?

Jack: Haha she couldn't clear my bong so i got mad told her she couldn't be apart of Kush Mafia. I don't know..maybe I should take some more anger management classes so I won't get as mad next time.

Jim: Or maybe it was because I look like a turtle.

Gary: Yo Jim could you pass a nigga his bong?

Jim: Is it this blue one?

Gary: I dont know nigga. does it have a shake junt sticker on it?

Jim: No this one has a dickies sticker on it.

Matt: Huh? Where da scary clowns at?

Bob: Ok..this is really gay. Im Out.

Jim: Would you turn up the radio on the way out? That dubstep is trippin me out to sick right now.

Bob: Is it the one over by all the gay ass longboards?

Gary: Yee nigga. It sucks that your sober. Tahhh babe.
by fuck2987489734983793 July 08, 2010

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