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Fucking kickass powerband from London. They are so fucking fast its amazing. They literally put the power in power metal. Nothing but pure kick your face in awesomeness. I cannot wait until they come into the states. You have to hear how fast they are. Their guitar work is unmatched in power metal and the drumming is the drumming of gods. Some may call their lyrics "cheesy" but it is better than you could ever do. Trust me you cannot match their skills in instruments. Don't believe me download "Soldiers of the Wasteland" That should change your mind.
Dragonforce literally owns power metal. No other power metal band can match up to their overall technical work and skills with the instruments. Forget Blind Guardian. This band owns power metal
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 05, 2005
A undeniably awesome Industrial Metal band. I love Burton Bell's vocals. Sounds very refreshing to most of today's growling and screaming vocals. Their first album sucked but that is pretty much it. They sing about how mankind is obsolete to the machines and how it should be the other way around. They are awesome, yet they have the potential to be so much better. I say this because if they focused just on being pure metal they would be god-like. You may be saying "that is why they are 'industrial'" But some of their songs incorporate rap(Back the fuck up) and emo(Digimortal). I do not like that I think if they eliminated those two things they could be much better and still be considered Industrial Metal. Don't get me wrong this band is very awesome and I cannot wait to see them live again. I love this band but what I just said I think can make them a lot better.
Some of Fear Factory's even incorporate electronica and techno if you listen close enough.
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 05, 2005
A very in your face metal band from Massachussetts. I have seen them live many times and they are just amazing. They have some of the greatest solos and instrumentals I've heard in a long time. They have one flaw though. The vocalist(Brian Fair) sounds like he is trying way to hard and it does not sound natural. But besides that they kick fucking ass.
My favorite song by Shadows fall is "Stepping outside the Circle." It has one of the best solos I ever heard.
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 05, 2005
2 variations.

1. Take your boner and shove it up your ass and when you let go you get a nice "snap" effect.

2. When you have a boner you pelvis thrust an create a whiplike "snap" effect.
I snaparooed the other day and I can still feel the pain when I get a stiffy.
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 05, 2005
the true spelling of "friend". You cant trust anyone thats why you put the "r" in parenthesis. Just incase you need to take it out its spells "fiend" basically thats what you should do in life to not get fucked over.
Dave: Hey man you wanna hang out tonight?

Bob: Does this mean we are friends?

Dave: Uh, no it means your my f(r)iend. Just hanging out.

Bob: Ok, you are right. I will most likely you stab you in the back one day just because you have something or someone or anything that is better than what I have. Being the typical piece of shit that most people are I will one day get jealous of you over such a small thing and never talk to you again. I will haunt you and not leave you out of my life until what better things you have are mine. That's the way life is. Do not trust anyone.

Dave: You do not have to remind me.

*After 4 years Dave does the stupid thing and trusts Bob, Dave gets a girlfriend and introduced him to Bob. Bob does not have a girlfriend and is constantly calling Dave's girlfriend and hitting on her. Dave does not like this so he shuts Bob out of his life feeling stupid and a tool. Bob could not accept the fact that his friend has something better than him. This is a typical human being. No matter what Dave does Bob will not go away. Bob is now a fiend. Fuck people I hate them all. In the end Dave gets hurt and never looks at people the same, he does not even trust his soon-to-be-wife. All because of Bob, Dave's life has been turned around. Everyone he meets is now just a f(r)iend.
by fuck you I dont have any friends September 29, 2005
the name for my penis
big boy gets big when he is excited and he foams at the mouth when miss wife touches it
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 02, 2005
When something overflows and reeks with suckery. Nothing can suck as much as that. It is "the suck." You can feel the suck being emitted from "the suck" when get near it. To earn the title "the suck" it has to suckiest thing that has ever sucked in your sucky life before. Trust me you do not want to be "the suck" Bewarned, "the suck" is contagious and its suckage can be transfered through you touching it, or you sucking off the suck.
My girlfriend: You suck
Me: O yea? Well you are the suck
My girlfriend: Make love to me
Me: Ok!
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 06, 2005

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