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where young boys hide their G.I. joes
"hey billy, take that action figure out of your poop chute."
by fuck u February 09, 2004
The nob hwitt from the latin word wanker shuffles up and down corridors luking for lost kids
get away from me u perv "but i have sweetys"
by fuck u June 25, 2003
a part of the vagina
"yur oviduct turns me on"
by fuck u May 28, 2003
dumb white washed azn boi, trying to be like the big G inq
Henry and lilpimpinkim
by fuck u April 10, 2003
a sellout who embraceses cracker culture
fuck crackerlovers
by Fuck U September 27, 2003
i fuck so many asian hoes,you can call my car a rice mobile
sloppy and slanted
by fuck u February 09, 2004

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