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1 definition by fuck this town

a town south of boston that I moved to last year. pretty much everyone in the town is loaded. but somehow 90% of the kids pretend to be hard ass gangsters. the other 10% are surfers. the town has no projects or ghettos so im confused as to how anyone can be a gangster. the cheapest house would go for 500,000 or more. the town has a lot to do. theres 4 beaches and loads upon loads of hot girls. the class of 2012 is now infamously known for their fight club. all the upperclassmen laugh at them because theyre all faggots and cant fight for shit. the town is cool but the ego is wack. dont move here or youll regret it. all other towns are welcome to hate or fight them.
marshfield kid: yo dipset no homo im from marshvegas bitch

brockton kid: your a fuckin pussy (proceeds to stab/punch/ and/or shoot him.
by fuck this town July 10, 2008