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The wisest quote I've ever heard in my life.
Thanks to the all-knowing, all-powerful Federal government, individuals were blocked from saving people from rotting to death in the Superdome after Katrina, we were plunged into an unnecessary war, and thousands of our hard-earned dollars are being stolen each year by men in suits.

Me, on the above: Fuck the government.
by fuck the state October 15, 2007
The organization that will take away your liberties to preserve your "freedom." Resistance to government is evil. You must always make sure the government is happy. Opposing government is advocating chaos. Never ever ever ever consider anarchy because it is bad. Government will always help you. Politicians never use power for self-interest. Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely. If the Party says two plus two equals five, it is true.
Liberal: The government is excessively curbing our civil liberties in the name of--

Me: Duh. So what else is new?
by fuck the state October 15, 2007

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