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Type of fascist police-state prohibition existing in totalitarian Britain, in which a councillor or pig can ask a judge to ban ordinary non-criminal actions on their say-so. Judges usually rubber-stamp them. Someone doesn't have to be a criminal to get one, they just have to be deemed annoying by a councillor or a cop. They are based on Nazi Germany's laws against 'asocial behaviour'.

Under these police-state measures, someone can be jailed for five years - longer than many criminals - for acts such as meeting their friends, using certain words, going on protests, being homeless, or having an addiction. Rich people do not get given Asbo's for destroying the planet, because they have friends who are councillors and pigs.

Most victims of police-state persecution of this kind are either Black, extremely poor, or psychologically different. People who support them are fascist pigfucking Nazis.
The pig was in the middle of giving someone an Asbo for skateboarding in his own garden, when the pig fell over and smashed his skull. Everybody cheered.
by fuck pigfuckers February 28, 2010

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