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Not exactly an attitude or style, just a way to describe a person who listenes to the sub genre of punk. Usually an emo kid is bound into the music of Power Violence, Thrash, Hardcore, Pop Punk, Grind Core, Crust, and of course, Emo.

They like bands such as In/Humanity, Hour of The star, Shotmaker, Cap'n Jazz, Weep, etc.

Besides spending alot of time on Collective Zine, Underground Obituaries or Cross My Heart With A Knofe ,they spend their time at DIY shows.

These types of people are fairly uncommon in the world these days and most come from foreign countries since America has been infested with a horde of people who do not know the definition of emo or what emo was about. They often feel very passionate about the mockery of the term by either kids who say they are 'emo' when in fact they are not, or when people make fun of 'emo' by showing a male in heavy Eye Liner and tight jeans.

Trying to regain Emotional Hardcore's punk and DIY roots are most likely impossible, due to the refusal of one to accept the true definition from a true emo kid.

The fact this term is still being misinterpreted shows a big amount of ignorance when it comes to musical genres or music as a whole.

So douchebag-ish metal heads, fake punk kids, or internet nerds, take your Slayer and your fucking conformist media shit mettallica and shove it up your ass.
Emo kids dig DIY shows and are real punks.

by fuck metalheads mcgee June 28, 2007

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