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3 definitions by fuck master

putting your finger or fingers in your vegina in and out until pleasured, sprayed out sticky juicy warm cum and screamed like a bitch
I know Becky, I waited for Bob to come over all night long but he didn't. So instead, I fingered myself and ate my cum.
by fuck master June 05, 2003
1. a word of truth.
2. used for total agreement with a statement.
3. used to express a strong feeling towards a subject.
John, did you fuck that girl last night?

for real u cant respect hoes hells no.
hells right.

was that as good for you as it was for me?
by fuck master January 13, 2004
a long shaking motorized dildo that is put into a woman's vegina to pleasure herelf and to replace a man's penis.
Yeah Becky, I need new batteries for my vibrator, my boyfriend just broke up with me.
by fuck master June 05, 2003