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When a male injects his penis into a womans vagina. The woman AND male are both having a wonderful time as the male keeps shoving his penis up the womans vagina. The male keeps shoving until the penis does not continue to move up any further. The male " pees " cum, sometimes in the vagina and sometimes out of the vagina. The woman inhales and sucks the males penis also. The male sometimes " pees " cum when she has the penis squashed up in her mouth. The cum is so thick and rich to where no girl would want to miss the delightful juicy liquid going into her. The male also eats up her vagina by the woman telling the male to lie down and the woman sticking her vagina in the males face. The male then begins to lick and sometimes bite the vagina. The male also sucks on the womans boobs for pleasure to the both of them. While the woman is sitting there, getting her boob sucked on, she can have a penis up her vagina, another womans tounge in her mouth, two men sucking on each boob, another penis shoved up her butt, and another man licking her all over the place waiting for his turn to get fucked or to be fucking somebody else. (at first the woman can be screaming and howling).
I was fucking so much last night. I had a girls tounge in my mouth, two penis's shoved up my butt and vagina, two guys sucking on each boob, and a guy waiting to be fucked that was licking me all over. In the bginning I was screaming a lot because my vagina want used to opening that big, but then I got used to it and wanted more and more then I wanted everybody to to bite lick or press harder. I fucked
for about 15 hours straight baby!
by fuck it up!!!!! May 05, 2009

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