18 definitions by fuck off

the act of hitting a girl in the face with the male genitles in a simple harmonic motion.

-by Fuck off
by fuck off July 26, 2004
family you hate, that thankfuly only come (or you have to visit) during the holidays.
damn relatives are coming, weres the volka??
by fuck off June 24, 2003
It's another word for "ass blaster"
My ass blasted in your face.
by fuck off May 23, 2003
u are a drastick
by FUCK OFF June 10, 2003
yellow water
I have to spray yellow water.
by fuck off May 23, 2003
to discribe a body part
My mom's fatass is big.
by fuck off May 23, 2003
shit mixed with sparkling water
by fuck off July 17, 2003

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