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A reflection of fantasy via role-playing characters with pre-determined traits, designated by statistical models, using polygonal dice to randomize the outcome of probable events.
I found D&D impoved my math skills between the second and third grade.
by Fuck Face June 21, 2003
One who is found to have sincere business in the front, yet an unmistakable party in the back...the hairstyle often worn by aging rockers who refuse to admit that Warrant is not the best band ever...
Theres a fuckin' huuuge party in the back on that motherfucker, but he's all business up front!
by Fuck Face June 21, 2003
Where a woman awakens with a orgasm, simply by setting the dildo into her pussy, setting the time to be awoken, and soon wakes up with an amazing orgasm. Men can also use them by inserting them in the ass.
Man! Alarm Clock Dildo's are cheap!!
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
Two lesbians fucking in a shower, one slips into the glass and the other falls with her cuz her fingers are stuck in her pussy.
Watch kids, here is an example of a slippy shower
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
BEF stands for big eared freak
Don at land rover frisco is a fucking BEF. "Hey Don you fucking BEF quit picking your fucking nose".
by fuck face July 27, 2003
A woman pretends to give a man a hand-job, then takes his testicles and stomps on them. Four times.
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
A very cold night, where a pregnant girls nipples get so hard they pop, and blood and milk spills all over.
O No!! She is about to have a Bright Light Nights!!
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003

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