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The homes of fat fuckers who eat everyday then sue.
Mcdonalds is the worst.they are worst then burger king. A big mac has 26 grams of fat.A quater pounder has 28 grams of fat. ROCK AND ROLL MCDONALDS, ROCK AND ROLL MCDONALDS.
by fuck September 14, 2003
A term meaning "bullshit."
That was booshatness.
by Fuck February 04, 2004
Food often eaten by nubs
Chris eats too many chicken mcnublets.
by fuck November 19, 2003
the highest number ever
my dick iz a batrillion inches long
by Fuck November 05, 2003
A term made popular by the infanous Happy Noodle Boy. Later made into the website www.servicememartha.com .
"Service me martha!" - Happy Noodle Boy
by Fuck February 04, 2004
10th letter of the roman alphabet
j comes before k!
by fuck June 11, 2003
"Dumb" + "Fuck" = Dumbfuck
"You" + "fuck" = Dumbfuck
by Fuck July 31, 2003
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