10 definitions by fuad ramses

a fart which releases a small amount(less than a teaspoon full) of feces into a persons underwear.While more than a teaspoon of feces qualifies a shitting the pants,less than a teaspoon is known as just browning out.
I held in the fart for fear of browning out.
by fuad ramses January 30, 2004
slimy feces that requires excessive wiping to discard and often leaves the anus feeling squishy,wet and unclean
Though he was sure he'd wiped thouroughly, John could still fell the uncomfortable wettness of rectoplasm between his cheeks.
by fuad ramses January 30, 2004
a sex practice in which a homosexual man anally penetrates another man while performing fellatio on him at the same time
After meeting Bruce at a gay bar ,Rico took him back to his pad and gave him a high russian.
by fuad ramses January 30, 2004

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