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One who says things so redundantly that its hard to tell its the same joke all over again. In one sense, its sarcastic knowledge wrapped in politeness, but it becomes a common terminology and looks like polka dancing.
That woman has to many babies.
Your trying to become a rekidder.
That's my problem, I'm being serous.
What do you mean by that?
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
A corregraphed or staged event where participants toss knives at knives until there is only one team left.
My knife cut that knife in half!

No, you have to hit a homerun in knifeball.

Knife ball is not a safe sport. I could tron drop!
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
Everything they wouldn't put in Twilight, it contains: anti-running and running, anti-drama, pick me ups suck as socialism and such.
On Star Trek they have a Twilight Bible.
I didn't see that at the convention.
Because only future dieties has books that good.
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
A teachy learner
-I just copied that and now your gonna arrange it into the setup.

-Why don't you go and spoink a simpler physics you spoinker.

-Wait, I just bi-got that. Freak out!
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
The original land creature, it has short little body and can be seen in elves. The primary reason for normal size racism.
Slappy just beached up again.
Slappy can't get back in the water because it body is to small.
Slappy created a mud cathedral, its all good.
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
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