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Is slang for a person with a Plate shaped head.

It may be also a name given for a person with a low platelet count.

Chris is also generally a very thin person.
"That guy has a plate head, he must be a Chris"
"This person has such a low platelet count"
"He is soooo thin, he must be a Chris"
by FSF June 07, 2013
In Gaming
A skilled snipe---especially when sniped just before cover or shot in the tiny part of your body you didnt think was poking out from behind the tree/wall/etc...
-Gamer2 runs toward the safety of blue base-

Gamer1: OMG lolhax n00b YOU GOT SLICED BITCH!!!
Gamer2: wow thay was gay
by fsf July 11, 2006

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