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9 definitions by fronkzippo

The full phrase is
"the best laid plans o' mice an' men gang aft agley"

This was written by an ancient Scots Poet, Robert Burns, who wrote several poems in a strange language, including "To a mouse".
"Gang aft agley" means "often get fucked up"

"best laid plans" is an acknowledgement that something has just got fucked up for no apparent reason, or because something inevitable (government, parents, teenage kid, fate, whatever) has acted against it.
Billy: Damn. Eight point buck just standing there. Gun aimed, ready to take the shot, I was so damn sure that I could take a piss without letting go of the gun. But I peed all down the front of my pants, the gun went off before I was ready, that scared the buck who ran right at me and kicked my ribs in.

Bobbette: you know what they say, honey, best laid plans and stuff. Now turn over and let me wipe your butt. Eeewwww!
by fronkzippo June 28, 2010
A Gum Booger is the kind of annoying thing you can't successfully get rid of without spending a lot of time and effort, and even then it's difficult to complete.

Taken from nose-picking, when you hook out a booger that's moist gummy & sticky. No matter how much you might flick it or try to rub it off your finger and on to something else, it refuses to go. The only way you can remove it is by wrapping the entire fingertip in a rag and wiping it off. But if you had a rag in the first place, you wouldn't have had to pick it out.

Applies to:
An annoying person who just won't quit or go away
An annoying ad on TV that keeps on popping up during CSI
A driver who refuses to overtake but tailgates you and insists on matching your speed however much you speed up or slow down.
The annoying relative who always calls on the phone when you're really getting into a session of early morning sex.

among others.
Dick: What is that guy doing? I slowed down from 85 to 30 and he's still on my ass!

Sally: Ignore him, he's just a gum booger.


Eddie: Damn gum booger. I want to change channels!
Liza: Baby, next time hang up the phone before we start.
by fronkzippo April 25, 2010