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n. Ilene Chaiken
1. Creator, writer and producer of Showtime's hit series, The L Word.
2. Evil, narcissistic bitch that promptly killed off one of the show's best characters, Dana Fairbanks.
3. Then again, one of gay TV's sigh of relief. Finally a show we can really identify to. Albeit, season three was close being unbearable.
4. A person who needs to stop making 'groundbreaking' shows which tend to 'write themselves'
5. Partner of the lead singer/guitarist of that nasty and sad excuse for a band all fans came to know of as BETTY.
1. I hope Elizabeth (BETTY) Ziff stops sleeping with the gret Ilene Chaiken. That would not only:
a) Cure world hunger, but also
b) Hopefully rejuvinate the show for it's fourth season

2. Miss Chaiken, please get your mojo back! We need the fun, funky and fresh feel of Season One!
by fromthegroundup April 23, 2006
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