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5 definitions by frogcloset

Someone who is insanely gut churning but they manage to look so horrible that you have to look and it becomes an amusing story that is told at almost every social event.
man: hey are you dave
Dave: sure am
man: i saw you at the that party a couple of weeks back
Dave: oh yeah that one with the mingdingler
Man: she was so horrible
Dave: Damn straight
by frogcloset November 20, 2005
the process of lying to someone that asks you to smell a flower exspecting a good reaction when you cant smell anything
women: hey smell these roses
Man: ummm nice
Women: they are
Man: (under breath) cant smell a bloody thing

That was floranausia
by frogcloset November 21, 2005
the horrible laugh of an elderly person that seems to be more like a death rattle than a sign of amusement
grandad saw a ladies ankles and i almost call for a herce because of his bloody grandads whisper
by frogcloset November 20, 2005
the process of jumping and jumping again to fake the spectacle of flight
man1: my word how ever did you get here before me in my jag
man2: why i did the cockworth hop my boy made great time
Man1: i wish i could do that but i cant get the time ing right
Man2: indeed it is tricky
by frogcloset November 20, 2005
Someone who blames his spelling on having dyslexia but everyone know that there just thick as shit
Tony: have you got the address of that resturant
man: yeah sure here it is sorry about the speling ive got dyslexia
tony: oh..........sure its not Dickslexia
by frogcloset November 20, 2005