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Slang term for a woman who frequently engages in dangerous sexual behavior.

Or, John McCain's slang term for his own wife.
"At least I don't plaster make-up on like a trollop, you cunt."
- John McCain, "The Real McCain", Cliff Schecter (2008)
by fritistat August 16, 2008
The act of responding to a clearly provocative newsgroup / message board (i.e. a troll) post that only serves to enhance the indignance/disruption of the original post. (Progressive verb: trolling).
Q (original troll): When do you think religious people will finally realize that free will is a lie?

A: (Volleytroll) - Free Agency is one of the greatest of the gifts of GOd to us, as His children. Read up a bit more I'd suggest!

Response to Volleytroll: Free Agency is one of the greatest of the gifts of Major League Baseball. Get your facts straight before opening day!

Clever volleytrolls can last for dozens of exchanges, each compounding the humor of its precedents.
by fritistat March 04, 2011

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