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The speech you give when trying to civilly dump someone. It starts out saying a bunch of nice things about the dumpee, then has a negative turning point when the dumper says "but..." Most commonly used in season finales of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as well as other dating reality TV shows.
Bachelorette: You're such an amazing person, and I've enjoyed getting to know you so much. But...I'm choosing the other guy.

Viewer: Oh man, she just gave him the but speech!
by frindle1992 August 10, 2011
Everyone you have made out with, plus everyone they have made out with, plus everyone they have made out with, etc.
Our favorite game in college was to try to link all our girl friends in the same makeout chain. My roommate made out with Josh who made out with Sara who made out with Brenden who I made out with, so we're in the same chain!
by frindle1992 July 30, 2011
A list of people you have already hooked up with, or a list of people you hope to hook up with in the future.
His laylist is so huge! Either he's lying about some of them, or he's the biggest player I know.

Barbie is totally going to get with Ken tonight! She told us all he's on her laylist and I can tell he digs her too.
by frindle1992 July 30, 2011
Hooking up with two people in the same fraternity, sorority, social group, sports team, etc.
My best friend is famous for double dipping, and now all the guys in her old favorite frat think she's a slut because she'd wake up in a different room in their house every morning. Uh oh!
by frindle1992 July 30, 2011

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