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3 definitions by frikybi

the disgusting splattering sound a man or woman hopefuly a woman makes after having anal sex. due to the fact that the asshole has become so loose it just flaps in the breeze.
Damn after I fucked that whore in the ass, she made the most astonishing sound. She looked over her shoulder and said you will have to excuse my obnoxious anal emissions, but I can only take so much.
by frikybi September 05, 2007
when someone who is usually full of words and useless sayings is suddenly put on the spot, and can't find shit to say. A lack of words.
When Pres. Bush was asked why we are in Iraq, his jaw just dropped. He must suffer from oral constipation.
When i asked my best friend why he was fucking my wife he stood theresuprised gulping for air like a fish, he suffered from oral constipation as well.
by frikybi September 05, 2007
a derogatory term used to describe a man/woman who has the "gift" that keeps on giving.
Stacey has gynaherpasyphalitis. I had to go see the doc and get rodded. Man that whore is burning.
by frikybi September 05, 2007