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Delinquent Chav who sponges from the state. Intelligence far lower than the average human.

They spend most their time drinking, swearing and shagging and hate society.

Named after the Time Machine, Morlocks are creatures that live underground and eat civilised human-kind (Eloi)
Person 1: Did you see those Morlock bitches on TV?

Person 2: Yeah, those skanks involved in the riots.
by frightorflight337 August 17, 2011
Homo-chavus is the most recently discovered human species and one of two surviving sub-species after the extinction of homoerectus and neanderthal races.

Whilst similar in genetics to homosapiens, homo-chavus has a lower IQ and linguistic capacity. This species is dependent on homosapiens as through natural selection, it would soon die out into extinction. homo-chavus is typically an aggressive species and breeds prematurely to most human beings as well as doing so more frequently.

To learn more see chav
Person 1: Homo chavus is such a burden on society

Person 2: I know, bloody scroungers!
by frightorflight337 August 17, 2011

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