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chav is a term and concept invented by middle class people so they can voice their natural prejudices now that it's not longer considered PC to do so about Black and Asian folk. They do this because they are frightened by working class people and people from outside the home counties. The brash way the lower orders dress talk and conduct themselves is extremely frightening to anally retentive middle class people from the south of the UK, who are unable to let their hair down and enjoy themselves and are resentful when others do. Chavs only actually exist in sleepy market towns, larger cities normally having their own bespoke term for people who wear training shoes tracksuits and baseball caps, IE Neds in Glasgow, Scallies in L'Pool and something gay like Perries in Manchester. Chavs are normally the sons and daughters of the people who clean, and mend the cars of middle class people, and as such middle class people are obviously better then them. Because middle class people are so frightened of 'chavs' they won't actually express any of this to their faces, instead they choose to do so from the comfort of their own studies on web sites like this and youtube, whilst they eat their supper.
Wannabe.... Fake!
Walk round looking like a WAG (wives & girlfriends)

mainly come from Liverpool...(they do?)

Drink chapagne and have a drug dealer boyfriend!

choose a career in lapdancing,
boobjob is a must!....

Definition of CHAVS.
"Oh my god that Louis Vuitton hand bag must of cost a fortune!?".... "NO five pound from the market, do I look like Colleen now?"

"My Drug dealer boyfriend is paying for my boobjob so I can become a lapdancer"

I hate chavs!.

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