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Acronym for "Bitch Ass N**** Acting Like A Shitty Stereotype".

Basically the idiot in question doesn't know how to be original. And classifies as an ass.

It'll make you sound intelligent since banal is an actual word that pretty much means the same thing as this acronym.

Or it'll make you look like a pretentious twat.

Use accordingly.
Chad: "Me ruv yu rong time, so sucky sucky me dicky."
Asian Girl born and raised in America with a better grasp of English than Chad will ever have: "Fuck off you banal ass."
Chad: "Oh, so yu rike da anal too?"
Asian Girl: (You've fucking failed me, Darwin)
by friedarizonian March 03, 2016
The Capital city of Arizona - one of the last states to become a state, because it took forever for the rest of the US to massacre the resident population of natives. Phoenix is population-wise extremely small, but so sprawled out it has become the US's largest city area-wise. Subsequently, the idiot city planners of Downtown Phoenix decided to make a fucking mess of the city, not anticipating the growth, making it a nightmare to move from one block to the other, and forgetting to get proper taxis and such. Instead, there is an overpriced light rail that is more or less the governor's toy.

Phoenix is conveniently placed in the damn center of the state, cranking out many ignorantly stupid patriots that are obsessing over border problems, even though they don't live remotely close to the border. It's probably the heat screwing with their heads anyways, since the temperature here can melt the tar in the asphalt. Speaking of which, there's actually vegetation here, surprisingly, but almost all of them are spiky to touch, such as palo verdes or cacti. anything external to the aforementioned plants and a bunch of spiky shrubs is most likely crops planted in the worst place to do so.
Really, there's no example to compare Phoenix, AZ to because no other city is as screwed up as we are.
by friedarizonian December 24, 2010

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