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A flower that comes in a lot more colors than just yellow or red. They also come in pink, violet, black, white, cream, maroon, orange, red shades, and multicolors, which are usually a mix of white and some other color. They also have miniature roses, which come in the same colors, only they are about a quarter of the size of actual roses. Some roses grow on bushes, some grow on vines. Others grow on 4-foot tall trees. There are single bloom roses, which have less petals than the more widely known double-bloom roses. Roses are often given to people you care about.
They smell pretty too.The universal female middle name.marie is a french sexy lady who normally does crazy stuff out of the ordinary which usually makes people laugh. She is very entertaining.
look at marie
A girl usually Hot and has a great personality,that's rosemarie

Guy #1: Man, I gotta get me a Rosemarie...
Guy #2: Yeah, I got me some Rose and I love her
she's standing on the table with a weird hat on and shades while talking to these hot guys.
by freus_12 December 14, 2009

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