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A measurement of food, bigger than a crumb but smaller than a piece. It is just large enough to get a taste without being filling at all, rather like a mise en bouche.
Boy1: 'give us a piece of your muffin'
Boy2: 'you can have a crummock'
Boy1: 'I despise you, however I will take said crummock...mmm, blueberry'
by freshprince202 June 02, 2011
The padding motion a cat makes with its paws just before it decides to sit/lie down. In humans: the motions one makes to achieve a comfortable position for example on the sofa or in bed

V. - to pangle = to rub against someone/something (consciously or unconsciously) to achieve a state of comfort
Boy: 'for fuck's sake stop pangling, I'm trying to sleep'
Girl: 'but I thought you liked it when I pangle...'
Boy: 'yeah well I lied didn't I?!'
Girl: 'I just don't know you any more' *weeps gently into pillow*
by freshprince202 June 01, 2011

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