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A delicious adult beverage, named for its resemblance to the spectacular coif of legendary fight promoter Don King. This delicious beverage is made of a simple spiced rum and coke, topped with two fingers of Guinness. Although its origins are hotly debated, it was brought to Burnaby, British Columbia by a traveling Scotsman in 2007, and rapidly spread its way across the Americas. It has been seen from the most Westerly shores of Vancouver Island, as far east as New Brunswick and has made its way through the United States, even venturing as far South as Costa Rica!
This my friend, is a Don King; God's greatest creation.
by freshnessallthetime May 06, 2011
the act of raising one's knee towards their chest, then extending at the knee to straighten the leg, which is then parallel to the ground. The leg is then lowered and this motion is repeated with the opposite leg. This action continues until the participant feels sufficiently homosexual.
Sometimes referred to by its informal name, "the horse-kick", the Decaire Gay Stretch can be seen around the world, but is most popular where Don Kings are consumed.
Hey everyone, lets Decaire Gay Stretch so we look as gay as we feel!
by freshnessallthetime May 06, 2011

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