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Sleepy Hollow is a nice and very wealthy living area in Marin County, Ca. It is home to some of the richest middle class people you will find. It also has one of the most successful swim teams and is seeming to have many young studs coming up. Most of the kids in the area are nice and sports minded primarily. Most kids from this area address themselves as HollowFornians. These tend to be some of the most athletic kids in the area with reputations as the nice guys you don't want to get in a fight with. This clan of teens is not deemed as violent, but has had counts of beating up kids from other areas. I have been told that the new upbringing of HollowFornia kids can be identified by a shirt with The writing Hollow Fornia on it. Although i Have never seen this. And again only the younger ones ranging from ages 10-17 have been said to have these. There is no real identification for older HF's except for them always being in groups walking or driving down the streets. Sleepy Hollow's violence comes mostly from drunk teenagers in cars shooting and or throwing objects at people on the street. The shooting is with paintball guns or pellet guns.
Where are your from?
- Sleepy Hollow .
-O really?
-yeah hollowfornians for life
by freshkicks' April 20, 2010

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