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Intelligent design is "The assertion or belief that physical and biological systems observed in the universe result from purposeful design by an intelligent being rather than from chance or undirected natural processes."

A common misconception is that intelligent design is just "microwaved Creationism". Creationism (and religion, for that matter) is a form of intelligent design. Intelligent design is not a form of creationism. Intelligent design could even mean that an alien created the world. There is nothing contradictory for an atheist to believe in some types of intelligent design. If you believe in evolution it is also not contradictory at all to believe in intelligent design.

Another common misconception is that everyone who believes in intelligent design is a FAT RETARDED JEWBAG. There are many many incredibly intelligent scientists that support this theory. This is irrelevant, but it's worth mentioning.

If the big bang theory is plausible, then Intelligent Design should be too.

Now before you shit your pants, Intelligent Design does in fact have no evidence. But it does have some pretty obvious implications like, yep, how incredibly complex humans, and everything in existence is. Ask a molecular biologist how complicated a "simple" cell is, if you'd like to know.

The big bang theory also has implications, but it has an amazing amount of counter evidence. Since you probably have already stopped reading this and given it a thumbs down, I won't list it here but just google "the conservation of angular momentum" if you actually care.
guy 1: intelligent design is bullshit, it's just for retarded creationists who think the world was created by God.

guy 2: actually intelligent design states that the universe is too complex to have evolved on its own and that the world was created by someone or something, not necessarily Jesus Christ, or any god for that matter.

guy 1: you know, that's actually reasonable...
by frerebo June 22, 2009

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