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a french word for brothel-not used in polite company
c est quoi ce bordel- what the fuck is going on?
by frenchy November 13, 2004
Offensive Term For African-Americans & Almost Anyone Of an Ethnic Background.
I Fucking Hate Niggers.
by Frenchy February 16, 2005
Used to be called French fries. Delicious potato chips dipped in oil and served with ketchup or mustard while still piping hot.
I'm going to order a supersize order of FuckBush fries with my burger.
by Frenchy May 11, 2003
bascially means extremely drunk, referencing extremely cool british boy band
"Jus had a bottle of Jagermeister, im blazing squads!"
by frenchy January 28, 2005
1. A G-String (underwear)

2. A person you are talking to

3. A gangster

4. A thousand dollars

5. Gram of weed
1. Look at that G mang!

2. Sup G!
Rest have enough elsewhere
by Frenchy November 03, 2003
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