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Probably one of the most beautiful country in the world. There are here so many different type of landscapes, weathers, people, accents (even different french languages), cultures for a country of that side. French people are smart, open-minded, tolerant with everyone, and peaceful. They have no hate against any other country in the world (maybe a little bit against Great britain but, damn, I don't know why).

I'm french but I spent part of my life living in Boston then Milwaukee and I can tell you for sure a lot of real things about french people (then u'll probably forget all your prejudices...) cause I've seen so many wrong things in this dictionary about them:
(sorry for the order)

- French people are NOT dirty or dumb or anything you can think they are;
- They don't have anything against the USA, they just think (I do too) that Bush is a dumbass, and so is your political system... (u guys can really have smthg better...)
- chicks are hotter here (and they aren't fake or plastic, they don't act and walk or dress like sluts);
- guy's ain't machos (go to spain...) and they know how to live, how to party and get drunk (we don't only have Miller Lite or Bud to get drunk...),
- U can go to bars, clubs, buy liquors or cigarettes at any age (even 15...), and you never have to show your id cause there's no age limit for anything
- Booze's cheap here (and u can have an open bottle in your car...)
- French people know how to dress (we don't all wear the same Abercrombie or AE clothes only to advertise and look the same in the street as U guys do)
- we know how to talk, we have a rich and beautiful language , you guys just use few simple words and put "fuckin'" or "actually" between each word.
- there is no segregation here (I used to live in Milwaukee, I know what it is...)
- people live healthy here and there is no (or almost) obese , cause they don't spend their time watchin tv or eating junk food...
- people don't try everytime to look like their idol by acting like them or imitating what they've just seen on MTV, by wearing the same clothes or having (everyone) the Motorola Razor
- People aren't all dreaming about 2 or 3 big cities (like NYC or LA) where they wish they could live one day, there are so many different cities where U can't imagine how pleasant it is to live there (and what about the unbelievable Paris...)
- We didn't invent the french fries, but the french kiss
- we have the world highest rate for the number of sexual relations per year...
- and one of the lowest for people killed by gunshot

But more important...
- School, High School, Preps and University are all free (I pay $500 for the whole year in my College, books included) so we don't think going to college is a privilege 'cause everybody can go (people died to establish that)
- Everyone have access to the social security and you always get your money back when you go to see a doctor (it's only 25 bucks a consultation and every cent is given U back.... even if your poor or don't even have a job)
- The French government doesn't put all the money into the army, our taxes goes to education and health, that's why it's free
- we don't cheat with the votes
- we don't drive V8 trucks that pollutes a lot just cause you think its cool to have a 10-foot-wide trunk to carry nothing
- we don't produce power anymore from coal, or fuel oil
- we cant have guns, and that's good
- we don't censure everything on TV or Radio.., u know u can see nipples or earing f-words, it won't kill you...
- we have an incredible rich history
- U guys are the only one in the world to use a so complicated and non convenient metric system (don't u wanna change it ?)
- We don't make everythig "diet" or "fat free", we just eat the good way (we don't think drinkin mountain dew all day long will keep me thin
- we helped you and -thanks a lot- american helped us, that's why we don't want and we don't need to hate each other,
- believe it or not, but french people are really grateful for everything you did for us.
- we like all kind of tourist, even if they are american, even though u think it's false
- there are no cops everywhere and our country is way way safer than yours
- our food is probably the best in the western world (some asian are delicious too)
- nothing can compare our wine, but some california wines are getting really good
- we don't put our flag on every wall and door
- and we're proud of everything we acquired (our social security system, our education system, our healthy and nice society, our peaceful and free opinion.
- everyone has the same opportunities here (I mean almost... but it's way better than the US.)

By the way, i really like the USA, but just look at yourself a little bit, u guys could do better
"Damn, this chick's so hot, she must be french"

"He parties and gets drunk like a french guy..."

"-I pay $40,000 for this great college.
-I'm in a better college in france, and I pay nothing."

"The first time I went to a clubs a drink a vodka-redbull, I was 16, and that was legal"

"my french car, which is not 15-foot long : 35 MPG"

"look at this fat man, he looks like an american"

"I've never seen such a beautiful landscape since i've been in france !"

"I'd die if i could never eat french food again"
by frenchman September 16, 2006

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