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A movie by the guy from The Road Warrior. A decent effort, however I noticed a lack of aliens, monsters, car chases, gunfire, and double anal scenes in this movie. Overall it is worth watching and I can't wait for Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ Part II: The Revenge Of Jesus, coming to theatres in summer 2009.
"Why did we pay 10 bucks to see The Passion Of The Christ when we could have watched our old vcr tape of The Road Warrior instead and spent the 10 bucks on weed?"

"Mel Gibson re-wrote the bible, therefore Mel is our God".

"I haven't seen so much blood in a movie since Dead Alive"

"In Mel We Trust"

"The Lashin' Of The Christ"
by french fries and gravy April 12, 2006
Thick patches of hair on either side of the cornhole.
I didn't take offense to her anal sideburns. Even though her ass looked like Elvis, I was more concerned with her reaction to my sac mullet, which resembles Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden.
by french fries and gravy July 31, 2006
When you shit all over a public toilet seat thereby rendering the toilet useless and unbearable until it can be restored to a sanitary condition by a janitor who makes substantially more than minimum wage.
Hugo ate some undercooked poultry and left a desecrated toilet at the mall. They closed the west bathrooms for 3 hours while 5 janitors wearing X-Files suits with pressure washers full of phosphoric acid went to work to restore the bowl to its former glory. Hugo laughed. Then he shit his pants.
by french fries and gravy July 31, 2006
The stuff that collects as the result of dead skin and sweat under a fat chick's boobs or within their bodily creases. Sometimes it happens to men as well.
"Your grandma smells like titmuck"

"All you need to do is shower every day so you don't smell like titmuck"

"Pass the titmuck!"
by french fries and gravy April 12, 2006

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