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laughing quietly inside.
another form of lol except quieter, used when in a library or other quiet place.

"the librarian is oggling me, lqi"
by freezerbag January 30, 2009
it's like >_> except bemused or bored.
reg: and then he was liek OMG

sally: 7_7 whatever
by freezerbag April 12, 2009
a person who spends days on the internet at a time. usually late at night or very early in the morning.
he's a recluse and a net-fucker!
by freezerbag February 05, 2009
a person who goes to heaps of parties, and then braggs about them later.
their whole lives revolve around the parties and clubs they go to.
tony is such a partyfagg!
by freezerbag January 31, 2009
when you're so tired you feel dead.
i was so carked after the marathon.
by freezerbag February 13, 2009

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